Discovery specialises in business improvement with an emphasis on sustainable bottom-line benefit. With an unparalleled proven track record, we are willing to share both risk and reward. Not only do we assess businesses, but we also conceptualise solutions and assist with implementation and skills transfer.

Our solutions are not focused on product specific solutions, but rather on 'best fit' methodologies which incorporate subject matter expertise, hardware, software, and support.

All implementations are underpinned by effective project management and change management strategies that ensure maximum benefit.


We pride ourselves on the fact that no job is too big or too small and that our proven methodology caters for any type of industry, organisation or department. In fact, Discovery chunks all solutions into manageable segments and does not take the big bang approach. In essence, Discovery acts as identifiers of business improvement opportunities and thereafter, based on a solid business case, performs the role of project implementers and integrators.

Discovery boasts a fully integrated skill set that covers customer, financial, human resource, technology, process and information. Our expertise includes call centre implementation and optimization, customer relationship management, activity based costing, project management, business process improvement, and change management.

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