Are you experiencing the following:
High levels of staff turnover?
High salary bills with low levels of productivity, service and employee morale?
Employee dissatisfaction or poor service attitudes?
Do some of your employees seem bored and others over-stretched?
Are your training programmes compliant to the NQF and SETA requirements?
Do you have a skills development strategy in place and can you claim back 0.25% of your salary bill?
Is managing diversity a problem?

In today's rapidly changing environments, Discovery offers you dynamic human resource management solutions that will optimize performance, assist you in managing the impact of change on individuals and teams, create healthy work environments, and ensure compliance with legislative requirements.

Legislative Requirements
Discovery will assist your organisation in building and implementing strategies and frameworks for complete compliance to legislation. This includes amongst others:

The National Qualifications Framework
Companies are levied 0.5% of their payroll for skills development. Discovery helps your organisation develop and deliver a strategy for claiming back 50% of your levy by ensuring the appointment of a suited skills facilitator, assisting in the submission of a work skills plan, and in developing strategies for coaching line managers.
The Employment Equity Bill
Discovery provides the know-how for your organisation to: develop employment equity plans; ensure that your workforce reflects the demographics of the country; set up successful development and mentorship programmes for targeted individuals.
The Labour Relations Act
Discovery helps organisations to build and implement labour practices that are fair, transparent and consistent. Line managers are coached and guided with regard to fair practices.

Managing Organisational Change
Discovery assesses the impacts of organisational change, makes recommendations on how to best help people cope with change, and assists your management and human resources team with implementation of suitable interventions. Aspects covered are:

Streamlining of communication
Organisational design and structure
Organisational culture and climate
Employee motivation and morale

Human Resource Development
Discovery offers a wide range of services to fit your human resource needs. These include:

Human Resource Planning
Staff planning and utilisation
Human resource information systems
Cost reduction programmes

Recruitment and Selection
Role profiling
Selection of high quality employees
Succession planning

Training and Development
Identification of training gaps
Design of customised training programmes (skills develop-ment and NQF compliant)
Facilitation of training programmes or train-the-trainer

Performance Management
Remuneration structures
Performance appraisal systems
Salary surveys and analysis
Reward and recognition programmes

Human Resource Practices and Policies
Audit of all contracts, disciplinary codes, grievance procedures and labour policies (smoking, sexual harassment, e-mail/ internet usage) to ensure compliance to legislative requirements
Writing of procedure manuals suitable to your corporate culture

Why Choose Discovery?
Discovery provides value-adding human resource products and services to your organisation.

Discovery will pragmatically assess your organisation's human resource requirements.

Discovery will only implement human resource systems and solutions that are based on a sound business case that covers all aspects of solution design and implementation with solid financials that detail the expected improvement.

Your Partner in Change

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