Building customer relationships is vital to your business,,,
Do you know your customers?
Do you know how your customers behave?
Who are your most profitable customers and what drives their behaviour?
What customer segments exist?
Which segment will be the most profitable for your company?
What profitability drivers exist in your company?

These are some of the questions that will help you to understand your customers and what drives their behaviour. In this way your company can create a customer relationship based on the understanding of your customer needs and wants, and be able to supply the customer with what they want.

Managing customers and their information is of vital importance to any company. In fact, maintaining and perfecting customer relationships is one of the most important strategic differentiators for modern day business information moving into the future and beyond.

Discovery has the key skills in helping your company understand their customers, how they behave and what drives this behaviour. This will allow your company to service your customers better, retain them and therefore increase their customer lifecycle profitability loop.

What is Customer Relationship Knowledge (CRK)?
CRK is a term used to encapsulate the process of:
Finding new customers
Retaining customers
Convincing them to buy your products or use your services
Taking care of them

In other words, CRK is the process of pursuing a goal to achieve the most profitable customer relationships – a "perfect customer".

Therefore the main purpose of CRK systems and processes is:

Information understanding and integrity so as to get one version of the 'truth'.
To help your company understand the relationship between products, customers and markets.
To assist with the understanding of customer behaviour.
To have the knowledge of what drives your business and thus assist in getting new customers.
To assist in tailoring products and services to the customer.
To assist with customer retention and creating loyal cus-tomers.
To highlight and thus reduce defaulters.
To segment and cluster your customer base.
To aid in the reduction of channel costs, e.g. Internet.

How will Discovery assist your company?
Discovery can provide your company with the following customer relationship knowledge (CRK) functions:

Quantitative and qualitative market research
Customer relationship management (CRM) and database mining
Psychographic profiling
Segmentation and cluster analyses
Competitor analysis
Project management and development of relevant manage-ment and executive information systems
Management and executive reporting
Systems requirements and CRK systems implementations
Skills transfer

Discovery will assist in the re-evaluation of your businesses approaches and values, redesigning its marketing and communications procedures. This is done by mapping your company's Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and then highlighting inefficiencies to develop new strategies and thus achieve synergies for sustained profitability.

Why Discovery?
Discovery has a proven project methodology that provides the framework for maximised benefit.

Discovery provides end-to-end CRK business solutions.

Discovery uses "best of breed" technology to assist in the creation of a sustainable CRK system.

Discovery also has the following core competencies that will help in the provision of a fully packaged CRK system:

Human resources and industrial relations management
Call centre technologies
Operational infrastructure and LAN (Local Area Network) management
Financial management and modelling
Business process improvement


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